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Jan 25, 2014



Goal Type:


Running Accomplishments:


  • 5k: 19:49 (state 2013)
  • 3 Mile: 18:43 (extremely fast course, region 2013)


  • 3200: 12:35 (2014, unsure of meet.. pretty sure indoor)
  • 1600: 5:35 (2014 Grizzly Invite)
  • 800: 2:25. (2015 BYU Invite)


My dad forced my freshman self who hated running to do Cross Country. I HATED it. I specifically remember coach saying on one of my first days of practice "I don't care if you don't become the fastest, I just want you to love running. If you don't love this sport by the time you're done, I haven't done my job." I totally laughed at him, but look where I am now.. it became my life more or less.

Freshman year started out strong with a solid 30 ish minute 5k time at the old Sugar House Invite. It was fetching hot and I puked like 800 m from the finish. Definitely still hated running. As the season went on I LOVED my teammates and LOVED the sport.. looking back I was definitely one of those JV kids who talks too much about XC with nothing to show for it. Hahaha. I think I cut my time down to around a 23 ish by region. Which was also fetching hot.

Track came around and I was on the legendary all freshman SV 3200 varsity 2k12!!!! Jk. Us four freshmen were the only 32 runners on our team, pretty much. I could do a sold 13ish minutes by the end of the season ( I think.) I also ran the mile a bit but wasn't on varsity.

Sophomore Year is when I really started to love all this madness. I had a goal to make it onto Varsity, and I did it!! Not with a little motivation from the 7th varisty girl who told me she was never gonna get bumped off. Lol really? Srry. I ran on the state team, too! It was awesome. I loved all my senior guy friends that year. They were the best. By the end of the season I was running around 21 minutes ish. (too lazy to look up the actual times ahaha)

Track I still ran the 3200 but also the mile a lot more... I can't really think of anything all that exciting for that year of track. Except for this time in my life was around the time I actually started to associate with boys lol. The distance boys hated us bc we were in love with Conner. And not the others.

Junior year: MY BEST XC SEASON EVER! Over the summer my dad wrote in my mirror a "plan" for me to become #1 varsity.


***gonna finish typing this later lol***


Short-Term Running Goals:

  •  Keep running!! Even though I'm done running for a team I don't want to get out of the habit.
  • Run a half marathon this summer


Long-Term Running Goals:

Keep running for my whole life- Me & the other Senior girls just formed a pact that no matter where life takes us we will ALWAYS be in shape to run 5 miles under a 10 min/mile pace. Even if we're pregnant!!! The one excuse will be my mission. I have come to love running so so much. It's a part of who I am and I never want to not be a runner.



I run for Sky View & love my team more than life. Class of 2015!

I've been to a dance with THEE Conner Mantz. nbd.

Known for puking during workouts and not proud of it (why did I just tpye that..) Also "the look". Thanks Coach Storrs.

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Sorry for not posting! I've been sick & injured. I just did 6 on my own today.. was gonna go for 7 but I didn't have time. I also went cross country skiing

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Golf Course Extended run with Claire and Amber... it was SOO SO nice outside. Not positive but I think it was around 6

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About a 1.5 mile pre-meet run, with some strides afterwards. Simplot tomorrow!

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Race: Simplot Games (1 Miles) 00:05:47, Place overall: 75
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Got to the arena at about 5.. Cheered for Ethan, Claire, and Miranda in the 3200 and then Alex, Stockton and Caleb in the 1600. Megan and I were doing the 1600, which started around 9 pm. I was not really looking forward to racing all day, but as we were cheering I got really excited to race and I felt great during warmups. I got down to the track a little early, but that was just fine because it gave me plenty of time to prep myself mentally. It was probably the most mentally prepared I've ever been for a race. My goal was to go between a 5:30-40, which put me at about 42 seconds a lap (it's a 200m track). My start position was pretty good, but I'm awful at getting out fast so of course I was immediately in the back of the pack. Coming around the last curve of the first lap though, I was like what the heck I don't want to be stuck here, I belong up there. So I picked up the pace and passed the slower pack and was straggling behind the front pack until about lap 5, when I began to fall back. But in the middle of the race, when it really started to hurt, I actually smiled because I just love how it feels when you race- it hurts SO BAD and I hadn't really pushed myself to that point in awhile so it felt amazing to really be racing again. I just kept telling myself if I didn't leave my comfort zone I'd never improve, and that helped me push myself a lot. My slowest lap was #6, which was about 48 seconds. I felt really tired, but my mom had told me about this study where when you feel really really tired, you actually can do a lot more physically, you're just mentally holding yourself back. So I just pushed harder, especially because there were only 2 laps left. I sped up (& almost peed my pants haha) and by the last lap I passed a few girls, even. I felt like I was going to fall over/black out when I finished and I WAS SO HAPPY because I actually pushed myself!! It wasn't as good as a time as I would have liked, but considering the fact that I hadn't trained for awhile, and I'm sick and super sleep deprived, it was great. And it was a huge improvement from all my other indoor meets. I can't wait for the actual season! Tryouts are next week!

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I went from my house up to Green Canyon, then up the canyon aways and back home. I was planning on going about 10, but at the turn around point I was just feeling really good so I kept going for awhile. I would've gone further if the sun hadn't started to set and I wasn't in the canyon. It's creepy in there by yourself at night! But it was an AWESOME run, I felt great most of the way. My feet hurt a little for the last mile but other than that it was golden. Just a super refreshing and relaxing run.

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reeaally slow. and it was cold (& snowy!?!) but good.

Track tryouts are next week! Kill me. It is theeee most pointless thing in the universe, no joke. There is absolutelyn no benefit- like it's not even a good work out but it wears you out anyways because it's sooo looong and they make you do literally every event except the distance events. Isn't that fair? Lets make the pathetically weak distance girl throw a shot put but hey we won't make the throwers run the mile. What the fetch?!! You can all freaking die. If you can't tell tryouts really piss me off.. sorry. I'm done ranting now.

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